Get Involved

There are several different ways that you can get involved with the Guelph Street Community Garden:

garden with us

If you’re interested in having a plot at the Guelph Street Garden, email us at We always have a wait list, so the sooner you email, the sooner we’ll have a plot available for you, even if it’s not until next year! We have 24 plots in total, approximately 5-6 of which become available each year. Garden plots are only available to those who live in the Mt. Hope-Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood, so that we can continue to grow a healthy, local community! There is a priority list for those within approximately 500m of the garden, and a secondary list for those who are further away in the neighbourhood.


We are always happy to accept in-kind donations like tools, construction materials, or compost. In the past we have fundraised for larger projects, so if we have a project underway we will post it on the blog. If you are interested in donating, email us at


We are regularly in need of assistance with manual labour tasks such as weeding or upkeep of our fence or other structures. They’re not very glamorous jobs, but we would eagerly take volunteers in exchange for fresh produce later in the season! We are also looking for experienced gardeners who are willing to share their knowledge. If you would like to volunteer, email us at

hang out with us

Throughout the year, especially in the summer, we have lots of events at the Uniroyal-Goodrich park (pre- and post-pandemic). Even if you don’t have a plot, we’d love to see you there. Email for more information about these events, and visit for more neighbourhood events.

7 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. I think I would consider myself an experienced vegetable gardener. If anyone has questions or concerens, particularly about creatively dealing with pests in this area, from vine borers to squirrels, drop me a line. We can also offer to tend plots when people are away on vacation (except when we are of course…last week of July, first week of August.


    • I hear you Emily – they have decimated my squash too. I’ve heard two things:
      1) when planting seedlings, wrap cardboard sleeves around the stems (partially in ground)
      2) pick off any bugs daily

      Seems labour intensive, but it think that’s what it comes down to. Maybe post the question to our Google group and see if others have suggestions too.


  2. I have tried everything against the vine borers! I am embarassed to report the lengths that I went to and still had no zuccini. But I got GREAT SUCCESS with planting Tromboncino squash, which can be eaten as a zuccini or as a mature squash. They have very vigourous vines that spread though, so I would suggest trellising and pruning or letting it grow over the edge. I got over 100 a few years ago. They make long squash when trellised and funny shapes when grown on the ground. To protect from squirrels, put a sock on them as they grow.


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