City of Kitchener wants your input on Community Gardens

During consultations for the #LoveMyHood neighbourhood strategy, city staff heard that residents love community gardens, and people asked that the City of Kitchener to make it easier to start more community gardens in neighbourhoods across the city.

Currently, City staff members are reviewing existing policies and support tools for community gardens, including a new guide: Steps to Start a Community Garden.

Your feedback will help City staff understand how to better support volunteers in starting gardens, and identify possible locations for new community gardens. You may also want to contribute your suggestions on how the City can better support existing gardens.

Recommendations on how to improve the City’s support for community gardens will be presented to Kitchener City Council in October 2017.

Complete the survey! before September 18 @ 11:59pm

And while you’re in the survey mood… you might also want to give your thoughts on Kitchener’s Urban Forest. While the official deadline has passed, you can check out the questions and send your ideas to Or, you could attend this Urban Forest Workshop on Thursday September 28.

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