Park Improvement Update

You’ve likely noticed the dramatic change at the park when the ash trees were removed by the City of Kitchener due to the emerald ash borer infestation. However, more dramatically, almost all of the wonderful tree line was removed above the retaining wall.

We also have not yet heard about the final plans for the park improvement which was announced in 2016.

Here’s what we know this spring:

  • plans are still progressing to bring a revised park improvement plan to the neighbourhood…. very shortly. You can see the project update on the Kitchener website. Apparently there are many moving parts on this project and it has been very difficult to pin them all down into a comprehensive plan.
  • the neighbourhood will have the opportunity to provide feedback via a survey
  • the tree line was a concern to Hyrdo as there is a line going directly above it
  • the tree line was seen as an attractive shelter (….not in a good way according to some)
  • we should expect some revised improvement plans within the next month, taking in to consideration a plan the reflect the best of all possible options

Stay tuned….



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