Meet the Hillers

Steve & Kathy Hiller

This is Kathy and Steve Hiller. They dropped by the park on Saturday October 15 while we were cleaning up the garden for the season.

We learned something amazing about Steve, on the right, and the history of the land that is now the park.

Steve and his family grew up on the property that is now the Uniroyal Goodrich Park!

Other neighbours have told us that a family with 15 children lived on that property many decades ago, until it was purchased by the BF Goodrich factory that was situated behind the park in a different era. Now we know it’s all true!

How did Steve & Kathy end up visiting us on Saturday during a time when we would be there?

It turns out, Steve’s oldest sister found and follows our garden blog and has shared it with her siblings. Steve & Kathy decided to take the time for a visit.

And we’re so glad they did! We plan to get together this winter with Steve and some of his siblings to hear some stories about their family and their live on Guelph Street. Fingers crossed we can see some photos too!

Steve was so pleased to see the garden since his family always had a large garden there, with chickens and… an ice rink in the winter!

Stay tuned for more stories this winter.

4 thoughts on “Meet the Hillers

  1. What a great history your garden has. The Hillers are an amazing family. I encourage you to meet them and hear their many, many stories. They are one of the kindest families you will ever meet.


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