Cover Me! 

Sometimes the garden ends up with a vacant plot, for any number of reasons – a gardener runs out of steam and abandons a plot, a crop fails and there isn’t enough time to grow something else, a gardener moves out of the neighbourhood part way through the season…. In these cases, at this late point in the season, it’s best to plant the plot with a cover crop.

Cover crops have immense benefits, including:

  • Improving soil quality by releasing major nutrients into the soil through the roots
  • Adding organic matter (when cutting down the crop)
  • Attracting beneficial bees and pollinators
  • Doing battle with noxious weeds like bindweed!
buckwheat cover crop

Rachel broadcasts buckwheat seed over the 10 x 14 garden plot

We chose Buckwheat because it germinates quickly and grows to full maturity in 30-35 days, it’s a powerhouse for adding nutritional value to the weak soil and it is easily cut down and worked in to the soil to add organic matter at the end of the season.

Look for the budding plants that germinated in just 5 days!

Buckwheat germinates in just a few days!

This is the first time we are trying this well documented garden technique and we can’t wait to see how it works out!

Have you ever tried a cover crop? What kind of results and success did you have? Do you have any advice for us?


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