Dig your own perennials for FREE!

From Garden Party – Canada’s first organic vegetable & idea farm!

Garden Party is a 4 acre site.  We grow organic vegetables, herbs and fruit,  and we have lots and lots of perennial beds.

This year we are planting some new perennial gardens,  and renovating some old ones.  So —  its a LOT of work.  We are looking for some help.

So,  we opened our perennial gardens to people who wanted to help us dig and divide and get plants in return.  We were overwhelmed with help!!!!!!    But now –  we have to get beds ready for new plants. So –  if you are interested in getting free perennials –   we are looking for helpers on Saturday August 29,  at 9:00 am.

Here’s the ‘deal’.  You will help us dig manure (nice fresh rabbit poo)  into the beds where the perennials were.  We’ll work from 9:00 – 10:30 and get as much done as we can. Then,  you can take whatever perennials you want home.  Most perennials are already dug,  and set aside in clumps waiting for you.

To sign up, read the fine print here .


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