Highlights from “The Garden Crew”

Hi everyone! We are a group of gardeners from the Extend-A-Family WALES Group, in the neighbourhood. We joined the Guelph Street Community Garden in summer 2014, and are excited to be a part of it again this year! We learned a lot last year (we learned a lot of things that don’t quite work, and a lot that of things that do work). This year we did some research and learned of different plants that pair well with each other. It’s been exciting seeing all the other gardens grow.

We love looking around and trying to guess what everything is (because, let’s face it, everything looks green at the beginning) and expanding our knowledge of plants and even (unwanted) animals. We are considering even putting up a sign in our plot saying “No Pests in Our Garden” 🙂

Some highlights of our experience this year include:

  • enjoying the walk to the garden and meeting other neighbours
  • clearing the plot and getting it ready to plant our vegetables
  • putting the seeds in the ground;
  • being amazed at how quickly the beans came up
  • seeing the beautiful flowers in the other gardens
  • checking out other peoples’ plots and learning from them
  • learning from another gardener that their mesh covering their plants actually help keep the pests out;
  • sharing the communal herbs;
  • watering and checking in on the garden,
  • digging out big rocks
  • meeting other gardeners!

We look forward to meeting more people soon! Thanks for the great experience. Happy digging everyone!

– The Garden Crew

PS. The Garden Crew typically works at the garden on Tuesday & Friday afternoons – drop by to meet them and to say Hello!


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