Magical Landscaping

Wow! What an amazing concept for a naturalized play area 🙂 Something like this would fit right in at our community garden park, don’t you think?!

Unlocking the Gate

I recently had a wonderful stroke of luck (thanks to a neighbour/friend), and was introduced to a family with a remarkably creative and beautifully landscaped yard. Starting with an acre of grass lawn, Shauna Leis and Kirk Bergey gradually (over 11 years) converted it into a wildflower paradise filled with a plethora of unique play spaces and structures, all woven together with winding trails.

There is a Hobbit hole. Yes, you read that right. There is a hill,Image with a little round door opening to an underground playhouse.

Not far away, a magnificent play structure, nestled in the trees, was built with found materials, driftwood, scraps and contributions from friends and neighbours. It was designed to resemble an “Ewok village” with a pirate ship and airplane docked next door. Some other features include a well-equipped play/mud kitchen, a spectacular vegetable garden, a grape arbour tunnel, a teepee, and a host…

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