Healthy Parks, Healthy People: The Nature Prescription

A great reminder why our little park is such an important space in our neighbourhood! What else do you think we could do to make it more child friendly?

Unlocking the Gate

This past week, I attended a conference called “Healthy Parks, Healthy People.” I like attending events like this, and being surrounded by people who genuinely understand the IMG_20140914_105742importance of time in nature, not just from an academic standpoint, but also from years of experience, and a lifetime spent closely in tune with the natural world.  (

The attendees of conferences like these provide real hope for the future of parks, sustainability and human health.  There were parks managers, program directors, ecologists, students, professors, psychologists, conservationists, consultants and more.

While everyone takes something slightly different away from any event, there was one particular aspect of this conference that stuck with me. Given everything we know about the physical, social and psychological benefits of time in nature, it is time for health practitioners to embrace nature as a valuable tool both for healing and for preventative medicine.

I don’t need to go…

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