2015 Garden Projects & a Few Changes

A new community garden has so many needs! It’s important to prioritize what we need to focus on each year so that we can build an infrastructure – physically & socially – that makes for a productive and engaging garden.

Last year, our priority was WATER! and we solved that with our amazing rainwater harvesting structure.

This year our priorities are:

1.  Amending our weak soil

To this end we plan to:

2.  Building composters!

For the first two years, we simply dumped our garden waster into a big heap. The City won’t be happy about this forever and we want to be good park stewards, keeping the space tidy and clean.

3.  Raised Bed…. 

….for the top corner plot. You might have noticed that the top corner of the garden has a LOT of rocks – just ask Shan, or Missy & Gary! To make this plot more productive, we’re going to build them a raised bed and fill it with nice soil so they can have a much better experience!

4.  A Herb Garden – this is the CHANGE part! 

We’ve moved away from having communal garden plots due to greater demand for garden plots this year. However, we are keeping one communal space and turning it into a shared herb garden. But not just any herb garden…. a beautifully designed & planned herb garden! Volunteers Morgan & Nicholas are working on this now and their plans will be revealed soon!

How does this sound to you? Are you ready for it!?!?!


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