Announcing…. The Pen Pal Project 2015!

Hey gardeners – here is another great project in our Mount Hope Breithaupt Park neighbourhood – the Pen Pal Project! A fun way to pass the rest of the winter and get to know some neighbours across our diverse neighbourhood.

The Pen Pal Project

Remember when you received REAL LETTERS in the mail? Do you love finding something other than bills in your mailbox? Can’t find anything to watch on Netflix?!?!

Join the 2015 Pen Pal Project for Mount Hope Breithaupt Park residents & survive the rest of our winter by exchanging letters with a neighbourhood pen pal! Get going with 5 easy steps…..  

  1. Sign up to be a pen pal (register by Saturday March 7th)
  2. Eagerly await your pen pal match & participation package (stationery, envelopes & stamps)
  3. Start writing letters to your new pen pal
  4. Watch your mailbox fill up with letters!
  5. Plan to meet your new pen pal at a neighbourhood picnic in June!

Try to avoid looking up your pen pal online. For the duration of the project, connect only through your letters.

The Pen Pal Project is organized by residents & friends in the Mount Hope Breithaupt Park neighbourhoods – Ted, Juanita, Meg, Sarah, Matt & Kim

With support from:

Mount Hope Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association Mount Hope Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association

Safe & Healthy Community Advisory CommitteeSafe &…

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