So close to being done….

The last pieces are coming together so that our rainwater collection structure will actually start to collect some water! One platform was donated last year by Dave & Leanne, the tanks were donated by Lorrie Shantz and the second platform was built last weekend by Chip Bender.

Juanita and Trent picked up donated patio slabs from Mary Rose Ivanco, from the other side of the Mount Hope Breithaupt Park neighbourhood, and levelled the platforms so that we are ready to go!
Platforms ready for tanks

See… level. Those platforms are dead level!

Level indicates rain barrel platforms are level

And just to provide some proof that the roof works, a gentle rain reminded us that our simple solution for collecting water will be super effective!

Rain dripping off the steel roof

Last steps to complete the structure include:

  • acquiring two more water tanks –> Lane, our Neighbourhood Association Chair is picking these up for us and the Mount Hope Breithaupt Park Neighbourhood Association is donating the tanks to the garden! Thank you!!
  • installing the eavestrough, downspouts and connecting the water tanks –> neighbourhood resident John Jardine has arranged for his employer, Merlyn Power, to install these next week also! How amazing is that!!
  • installing educational signs to indicate what this structure means to our garden, how much water we can collect and what actions people might be able to take at their own homes to collect and save rainwater

Drop by the garden for a visit…. it looks amazing! More updates just as soon as the eavestrough can be installed!


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