Garden Update


The first big harvest from one gardener’s plot.

This spring, the Guelph Street Community Garden was created in the Uniroyal Goodrich Park. Sod was lifted by the city, plots were dug by volunteers, and crops are now fruiting and flourishing. Here are a few updates to share from recent weeks.

A four person decision making collective was started to guide the garden through the season and to make decisions on behalf of all gardeners. This committee, along with a large number of volunteers, has been very busy with non-gardening

tasks such as fence design and building, water storage and collection, as well as pathway development and neighbourhood liaison.
Twenty of the twenty-four plots have assigned gardeners and are flourishing. Those plots which weren’t planted by gardeners in time were filled with donated seedlings from generous community members and have brought the total number of communal plots to four.

The second big harvest from one gardener's plot. And more to come!

The second big harvest from one gardener’s plot. And more to come!

Signs will soon be posted to invite the greater community to share in our bounty. Walking through the garden and tasting from the designated communal plots is welcomed and encouraged. Please remember to respect those plots which are not communal and refrain from harvesting crops in all other areas.
Next year is already in the planning stages. A waiting list has been started for plots which will be vacant next year (If you would like to be added, please email guelphstreetgarden [at] As always, volunteer activities are available for people of all ability levels. Come visit our open house on Saturday, September 28th to talk to gardeners and have a taste of the bounty that has come from our inaugural year. Stay tuned for more details. Happy Harvesting!


One thought on “Garden Update

  1. Thanks to all!!! …. I missed most of the summer, but I feel safe and welcome now (whether by choice or chance!)

    I hope to be a positive to all, while I am there . Thank you all very much for everything!


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